About Us

Our Inspiration

Late.Shri Sohan Lal Sharma
(1938 – 2015 )

Our Group Involved  in the field of  Aluminium Foils since 1987 supplying  to  various Pharmaceutical, Tea, Confectionery, Cigarettes, Food, Vegetable oil, Fireworks, Label and other Industries related to Flexible packaging material, House hold foil & Aluminium Foil containers. 

Our group under leadership of Mr.Durga P Sharma had three companies

Dee Pee Foils (India)
Dalia Packaging
DP Foils Private Limited

Serving our valued customers in domestic, as well as overseas to their entire satisfaction in every respect

Dee Pee Foils ( India) :

DPF(I) established in 1992 under the leader ship of Mr.Durga Sharma (1969) in his young age . This third generation enterpreuner’s experience in Aluminium Foils took DPF(I) all most every part of India serving our valued customers to their entire satisfaction  in every respect , since then DPF(I) continued moving to new heights day by day with the commited traditional culture of Honesty,Sincerity,Quality& Services

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Dalia Packaging :

Dalia Packaging established in 2002 exclusively to represent DP  Globally, since then DP is engaged in Foreigne Trade as an Exporter, Importer and Indentors of Aluminium Foil and Foil Stock , serving our overseas buyers and sellers , DP’s Presence in EGYPT, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM, TAIWAN,GREECE, UKRAINE, MADAGASCAR, CONGO, SOUTH AFRICA, SINGAPORE, AFGHANISTHAN, CHINA INDONESIA,VIETNAM, and so on, committed to follow the Traditional culture of  DP’s of Sincerity, Honesty, Quality and Services

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D P Foils Private Limited :

DPFPL   was  established  in  2013  intended  to start a new manufacturing unit for  Aluminium Foils  to meet  growing demand from  our valued Customers  world wide, with the modern  art of  technology, DPFPL  team is  working day & night  to  complete the project   located at about  70 kms  from  the City of  Kolkata  at  National Higway  2 ( Durgapur Express Way ) Vill.  Ajhapur, Dist, Burdwan, In  the state of  West Bengal, one of  the oldest  industrial  hub of  India , regaining  its  leadership  of industrialization  in  India,  Kolkata Port , Haldia  Port ,  The  key  ports which will  give  big  opportunity to DPFPL  for  fastest  logistic  solutions and services  to our  overseas buyers

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Our Vision :

A supply chain members we strive to be  strategic partners of our customers through innovation in

Aluminium foil packs and  flexible  packaging. Our success lies in adding to the  competence of  our

Customers through innovation  in packaging

Our Mission :

Our Mission is metamorphosis of our group into a dynamic packaging solution provider to match the
Ever changing market needs

Our Customers :

We are Playing significant role in supply chain management of our large customer base of different industries like Pharma, Food & Beverages, Tea, and so on . Our customer’s List reads like Who’s Who of large Indian and Multinational Industrial giants.


Our Directors

  • Durga P Sharma
    • Durga P Sharma (1969),this third generation enterpreneur who had worked in the field of Aluminium foils since 1987, and  under his leadership with his  wide experience  DP  is growing day by day,

  • Sarita Sharma
    • Mrs. Sarita Sharma(1971),  with her simplicity and great  social sensitive attitude giving  confidence to  staffs and colleagues working for DP



  • Aditya Sharma
    • Mr. Aditya Sharma (1997), this fourth generation young enterprenur has inherited business approach , sounds promising for the growth and  taking  DP to new height in future

  • Dalia Sharma
    • Ms. Dalia Sharma (1994), with her wide knowledge of financial planning giving her services  to DP for all financial matters 

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